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10th Standard Passed ITI or Diploma


Minimum Duration: -Hours


Semester Wise: Rs. 0,000/-

Installation Technician – Computing and Peripherals

Brief Job Description:

After completing this programme, participants will be able to:

  • Ability to build interpersonal relationships, and have a customer centric approach
  • Working with office package for reporting and documentation
  • Ms-Word,
  • Excel,
  • PowerPoint
  • Attending to field calls from client and Handle Complaints for system trouble shooting and repairs
  • Installing and configuring the networking, servers and storage systems
  • Knowing the importance of SLAs and Company Processes.
  • Applicable National Occupational Standards (NOS)

  • ELE/N4601 Engage with customer
  • ELE/N4602 Install, configure and setup the system
  • ELE/N9909 Coordinate with colleagues and co - workers
  • Hardware Essentials

  • Understanding the different component of Computer, Assembly of system
  • Troubleshooting of the system
  • To understand layout, Components and from factors of mother broad
  • To understand the form factors, slot types and different memory types
  • To identify the types of Storage.
  • To Recognize the methods of storage and different hardware components used storage
  • To identify the types of hardware components in the computer and differentiate it
  • To understand the methods of troubleshooting storage, power supplies
  • To understand types of printer and scanner to recognize features used
  • Recognize the types of laptop devices and to understand note book concepts.
  • Recognize of the component of computer, troubleshooting and installing and configuring of operating system and it drives
  • To understand importance of work etiquette. To understand the methods safety measure to be used
  • Network Essentials

  • To understand the networking, OSI Concepts Recognize the Network technologies.
  • To understand the types of application functionality
  • To understand the color coding for the Ethernet cable to be crimping. Recognize network adaptor configuration
  • Recognize the network designed structure.
  • To understand the different configuration methods of device
  • To understand method of self - motivation, self -confidence.
  • Windows 7/10 Essentials

  • To understand features of windows client, performance information, tool configuration
  • To understand the methods of installation, upgrading and its features
  • To understand the method Configuring, maintaining, backup and recovery
  • Recognize the methods of installation, configuration, system security, maintaining of backup, recovery and backup
  • To understand the method basic functions to be done, service to be provided, communicate Effectively in formal situations
  • Windows Server

  • To understand Directory services and different functional levels
  • To understand methods of installing configuring Directory services.
  • To understand the methods of disaster recovery and backup
  • Recognize the method of implementing secure domain, administrating and creation of user, maintaining group policies
  • To understand the goals set, improving the reading skills
  • Linux Server

  • Recognize the Linux features, basic commands
  • To understand the methods of installing, configuring server and services
  • To understand the method of fault analysis, file system corruption.
  • To understand method of installing, configuring network adaptor, basic services, Managing of storage.
  • To understand the impact, body language, verbal communication, comprehension.
  • IT Security fundamentals

  • To understand the method of installing, configuring, outlook and concepts of anti - virus.
  • To understand the methods of identifying types and indication of virus, worms,Trojan etc.
  • To understand the compatibility issues and common errors. Recognize basic security risks
  • To understand method s of system vulnerability and fixing them and methods of measure to prevent them.
  • To understand methods of having positive attitude, awareness, prioritize.
  • Concepts of ITIL v3

  • To understand the method of monitoring, measuring and reporting
  • To understand the Method of CSF, KPIs and Activity.
  • To understand the methods of SLA, timeliness, response and resolution data
  • To understand the problem management process flow, Determination resolution
  • To Understand the methods Problem management, tracking report and control measures
  • To understand the methods for learning new things at your work.